Zimbabwe #5

Today started with devotions on expectations - do we expect God to give us whatever we want or are we truly seeking God's will? After devotions, we had the privilege of serving alongside CURE Hospital staff members in the kitchen, the laundry department, physio (physical therapy), warehouse department and in the housekeeping department. Glenn and I were blessed to serve in the kitchen which was very clean and organized. We chopped onions and tomatoes, and peeled butternut squash while getting acquainted with the kitchen staff.

After lunch we spent time with the children (patients) and their parents. The parents enjoyed a needle work project - making crosses and other things with yarn and plastic canvas. The children were busy with face painting and laughing while the team entertained them with bubbles. We then shared the Bible story for the day, Moses and the Burning Bush. The parents seemed thrilled to have something to do while awaiting updates/news about their child's surgery or medical consultation.

It was a busy day and a blessing to see God working to connect our team members with the CURE hospital staff!

- Betsy & Glenn for the team