El Salvador November 2019 Conclusion

El Salvador November 2019 Conclusion

We just landed in Denver and we are already missing our new El Salvadoran friends.

Our trip to El Salvador consisted of...

• 6 unique team members from Woodmen who enjoyed God-given unity.
• 3 incredible Compassion translators who not only facilitated connection with the staff and kids, but also shared their hearts and lives with us.
• 1 impressive driver who loves Jesus and could navigate and maneuver like a Formula 1 driver.
• 3 amazing Compassion centers we had a chance to visit.
• Hundreds of adorable children we had the chance to play with, hug and represent Christ to.
• 1 day at the mud spa / hot springs with 12 fabulous staff from Woodmen’s partner Compassion center - with team building, devotions, prayer and lots of mud :).
• 15 times we preformed the duck song with embarrassing dance moves.
• 1 surprise birthday party.
• 9 stories of redemption shared in the evenings.
• 1 crazy scavenger hunt.
• 2 hearts that love knitting were knit together when a suitcase full of yarn and needles was presented to Isela.
• a ton of sweat and dirty clothes from the heat and humidity.
• 3 unforgettable home visits to see how the children live.
• 1 child who lost a sponsor gained a new sponsor and a big sister.
• 2 piñatas that we helped create.
• 3 imaginary teammates.
• 632 pictures.
• 1 orchestra and choir comprised of Compassion children - performing in the National theater.
• countless memories.
• an insane amount of laughter.
• increased perspective and understanding.
• an immeasurable amount of dignity and hope given by Compassion, through the local churches

Thank you so much for your prayers!

- Karin Harper